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How IkinaGames is Bringing the Korean Cult Classic Webcomic “All of Us Are Dead” Back to Life on Xbo

등록일 : 2023년11월30일

Lee Ji Young, Director, All of Us Are Dead

A few years ago, Naver Webtoon became quite active in wanting to gamify their webcomic IPs – we had previously maintained a good relationship with them developing other games for them — so they proposed to us three choices, and one of them was “All of Us Are Dead.”

For those unfamiliar, that particular webcomic was published online between 2009 to 2011. At the time, the Korean webcomic market was still exploding, and because zombie content was still somewhat unfamiliar in Korea, it gained a lot of enthusiastic fans. Fast-forward to 2021 and zombie-related content has poured out due to the spread of streaming and OTT. Against this backdrop is when we were able to make the bold decision to develop a non-mainstream genre game, a visual novel using the “All of Us Are Dead” IP.

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