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Summer. July.

The zombie virus breaks out in Hyosan High School.  Friends and teachers become infected, and many can't take the infected down. They were friends and teachers, after all. Soon, the entire school is hoarded with zombies with no way of escape.
Students evacuated to the broadcasting room with the strongest door at school, sports club against the infected with their powerful physicals, and villains who may be more dangerous than zombies. All of them continue to fight for their lives in different ways to face the desperate disaster and survive.

The Survivors: Broadcasting room
The group of survivors who fled to the broadcasting room during the zombie crisis. They inform the risks through in-school broadcasting announcements and identify outside information using radio equipment.
Although it is the safest place at school, the number of victims continues to increase due to the constant threat of zombies and trouble among students, and eventually the students attempt to escape out.


The Survivors: Classroom
The survivors who gathered to try escaping the school outside the broadcasting room.
The group is composed of members like Mi-jin with outstanding physical and cheerful and bold personality, a P.E. teacher, and siblings from the archery team.
While actively breaking through the classroom, they seek for escape routes, and also also fight back zombies with bows and arrows.


The Villains
The cruel Yoon Gwi-nam utilizes his special condition of not being infected by zombie bites, and moves around the school freely as if he were exploring a dungeon.
Meanwhile, he meets Bae Eun-ji, who has already committed murder, and plays a game of "collecting name tags" from killing the survivors.
Ahn Jin-cheol who savagely threw a student as a bait, enters the broadcasting room after being bitten by a zombie, and threatens the survivors of the broadcasting room.
Eventually, he is kicked out of the broadcasting room, but Ahn Jin-cheol also goes through the special condition of not turning into a zombie, and instead, he wanders around the school as a monster who eats human meat.





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